My best friend (Grayson Ward) and I (Hayden Frea) founded NoLmts in 2022 with the goal to bring clean energy drinks to people who love the outdoors! Grayson and I noticed the waste and lack of clean ingredients in early energy drink companies so we wanted to create an energy drink that combined the youthfulness of some energy drink brands but had conservation at its core. With this in mind we set out on creating our first energy drink right here in this box, this drink has 5 calories, zero sugar, 116mg of caffeine and is loaded with vitamins and electrolytes. NoLmts has less caffeine than normal energy drinks to limit the chances of over caffeine consumption but more vitamins and electrolytes to sustain you through a long workout, day on the slopes or a night at a concert. With every case of NoLmts sold we plant a treeand all of our packaging is fully recyclable and uses little to no plastics! With our events and marketing we try to be as carbon neutral as possible and are working towards that among other conservation efforts. Wether you’re a skier, snowboarder, hiker, rock climber, crossfitter, runner or outdoor enthusiast NoLmts will keep you energized sustainably.